Sympathy vs Empathy


Sympathy and Empathy arrive at Sui’s house to stay for Christmas. Shortly after their arrival, Sympathy says to Empathy, “I’m just popping out to the shops for a second. Do you want anything?”

Empathy grins. “Did you forget her Christmas present?”

“No,” laughs Sympathy, “but there’s no air freshener in the bathroom.”

“Yes, I spotted that too,” agrees Empathy.

Sympathy is keen to help. She can’t understand why Empathy doesn’t seem bothered.

“Poor Sui, she’s been so busy, she must have forgotten to get some. I’ll nip out now, save her a job.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” cautions Empathy.

“Oh, it’s no bother, not at all. The least I can do.”

Empathy starts to get a little frustrated.

“No, really, don’t do that.”

Sympathy is insistent. She can’t understand her friend’s inactivity.

“Honestly, I don’t mind. It’s no trouble, I’ll just nip out now.”

Empathy has no choice but to get high-handed.

“No. DON’T. She hasn’t forgotten.”

“She must have done,” insists Sympathy. “There definitely isn’t any there.”

“No, I know,” says Empathy. “but she hates artificial scents, doesn’t she? I bet she never buys air freshener.”

“Oh,” says Sympathy, a little crestfallen. “I never thought of that.”


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