Fuzzbeed quizzes


Do you find most Facebook quizzes a little challenging? Do you think that they are just that bit too complicated to be really useful? We think so too. So we asked our own personal expert to write some better ones, especially for us – and you! Deceptively simple, these will get straight to the heart of your intellect, your personality and your lifestyle.

1) Are you Toe-tastic?
Everyone has toes on the end of their feet but how much notice does the average person really take of their ten little piggies? Answer these sixteen straightforward questions to see if you can tell your stays-at-home from your goes-to-market.

Your score: you scored 12!! Definitely in our top ten percent, you are truly Toe-tastic! There’s nothing anyone can teach you about the arrangement of the phalanges on the end of your metatarsals. Have you considered re-training as an Orthopaedic Surgeon?


2) Which Watch With Mother character are you?

Remember those wonderful days of your childhood? When you would sit with your nose jammed up against a flickering, black-and-white screen, peering at the blurry figures and trying to work out what was going on? Now and again, your mum might even have watched with you. But which much-loved blurry figure do you most resemble?

Your character: you got Humpty from Play School!! Your well-rounded personality means you are the life and soul of the party while, at the same time, being capable of intense reflection. You care deeply about other people which, combined with your astonishing ability to pick up on the tiny things that everyone else misses, makes you irresistibly attractive to your friends and your lovers. Plus, you rock a natty green velvet and pink collar combo like no-one else!


3) Are you and your bedside light made for each other?

Or are you stuck with the Lamp from Hell? The relationship you have with your bedside light should last for decades. Pick the right one and you can look forward to a lifetime of blissfully seeing things properly in a dark room. But if you’ve chosen badly, you may have to face the physical and emotional challenges of inadequate lighting night after night after night.

Your score: oh-oh! You and your bedside light are only forty three percent compatible!! While you may muddle through on an average night, your wee small hours should be so much more illuminating. There are signs that both you and your light are not entirely happy with things. We suggest you get yourself to Ikea at the first possible opportunity – this relationship may be about to blow a bulb!


You’re very welcome!
The Fuzzbeed Team




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